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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-10-23Halaal food certification & review systemSafraz, S.A.M.
2013-12-18Hand Detection and Tracking in an Active Vision EnvironmentKumar, R.R.C.
2021-08-06Hand Gesture Pattern Recognition SystemWijayawardana, G.G.A.S.
2017Hardware Management Information SystemAtapaththu, A.M.S.J.
2014-05-20 Hasarel - ICT Based Solution to Improve Social Skills of Autistic ChildrenWaduge, C.K.; Pallegoda, L.K.
2021-08-03Hashtags Prediction for Image Post in Social NetworksWeerasooriya, W.L.A.T.A.L
2021-07-28HCE Solution For Offline TransactionsPunchihewa, D.H.T.
2015-05-16Health Administration System for Jeewya Medical CenterSamarasinghe, H.L.S.E.
2013-10-22Health Center Management SystemSaranapala, B.H.
2013-10-24Health Management System with Customer RelationshipDias, S.N.
2015-06-30Heartbeat alert system for web based systems based on server log analysisAmarakoon, A.M.T.
2016-09-22Help Desk & Filling Stations Asset Management System for Ceylon Petroleum CorporationSiriwardana, E. M.
2015-07-03Help Desk System For DCS International (Pvt) LtdWijetunga, S.P.S.
2015-11-26Helpdesk and Incident Management System for Brandix i3Herath, R.S.
2022-08-09A Heterogeneous Sensor Fusion Framework for Obstacle Detection in Piloted UAVsAvenash, K.
12/24/2013High Level Schema for Indexing Person Images for Content Based Image SearchingSiriwardena, K.A.D.O.V.
2016-09-20High Performing Distributed Order Processing SystemHettigoda, H.G.C.
2021-07-29High Resolution Melt (HRM) Based Quantitative Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) Primer Design Tool for Point Mutation DetectionKAJAN, M.
2013-10-14High-performance Data Visualizing GUI FrameworkDharmadasa, N.P.D.G.
2013-10-22Higher Education Student Information System (HESIS)Ananthakumara, A.