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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-09-22Face Expression Analysis and Recognition SystemRATNAYAKE, D.N.
2021-08-04Face Recognition System for ExaminationsWickrama, D.R.N.
2013-12-18Facial Emotion Recognition with a Neural Network ApproachWidanagamaachchi, W.N.
2014-05-20Facial Expression Generation in 3D spaceUdana, P.K.S.
2013-11-08Facial Expressions Classification systemRathnayake, C.
12/24/2013Facial Image Classification Based on Age and GenderKalansuriya, T.R.
2013-10-02Facilities Management System for Pan Asia Banking Corporation (vFacilies)Senarath, S.H.
2015-05-16Facility Management System for Central Engineering Consultancy BureauMaduranga, H.L.S.
2017Fast Moving Goods Distributing Management System (FMGDMS)Fuard, M.F.A.H.
2015-05-16Faulty Management System (FMS) For Faculty of Management University of Jaffnakarunanithi, S.
2013-10-24Feature Addition For Apache Derby: Sequence GeneratorsJayathilaka, U.S.
2016-09-08Feature Based Concept Level Sentiment Analysis for Online Restaurant ReviewsSilva, A. A. T.
12/24/2013A Federated Approach on Heterogeneous NoSQL DatabasesDharmasiri, H.M.L.
12/19/2013Feel3D: Free Viewpoint Video Making Mechanism for Capturing Premeditated Scenarios Using Pre-Built ModelsWickramasinghe, B.N.
2013-10-23Fertilizer Classification SystemKurera, P.B.R.H.
2022-08-29Field Planning and Monitoring System for World Mosquito Program, Sri Lankan SiteKith, H.G.G.
2013-12-19File Archaeology: A Novel Approach for File RecoveryKangara, K.M.C.P.
2013-10-22File based fast Process State Recovery in an Automated Trading SystemRuksan, M.M.M.
2015-07-17Financial Data Collection and Analysis System for Central Bank of Sri LankaKothalawala, T.H.M.