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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-05-16Data Center Assets Management System For Sri Lanka Telecom Disaster Recovery Data CenterNawarathne, N.M.D.R.
2016-09-22Data Center Environment Monitoring System (DCEMS)Tudugala, Buddhika Damith
2016-09-09A Data Delivery Protocol for Extremely Resource Constrained Wireless SensorsHapuarachchi, R. E.
2013-12-18Data Dissemination and Routing in a Gossip Based Mobile EnvironmentBandara, H.M.D.C.
2021-07-22Data Driven Analysis of Darknet Market Network Based on Bitcoin Transaction DataSilva, D.W.H.
2016-06-09Data Driven Approach for Optimizing the Quality in Gastronomic Recipe RecommendationNirmal, B. A. I.
2021-07-28Data Leakage Prevention Framework Through Information Sensitivity ClassificationLakshman, M.S.C.
2017Data Management System for Anusha Medical CenterRatnayake, R.M.T.K.
12/19/2013Data Manipulation / Retrieval Using Natural LanguageGunawardana, M.
2013-11-01Data Mining and Decision Making System For Lanka Bell (Pvt.) LtdFernando, W.P.W.S.
2021-08-10Data Mining Approach for Studying the behaviour of Weather Variations in Sri Lankan ContextTissera, H.W.V.
2013-09-24Data Mining Approach to Discover Training NeedsDharmawardana, S.K.M.
2022-05-23Data Mining Approach to Predict CVD Risk in the Sri Lankan ContextGamage, N.D.U.
12/24/2013Data Mining Solution for Detecting the Behaviour of Climate ChangesHemachandra, T.L.I.M.
2015-06-30Data Mining: A Threat to PrivacySilva, U.D.C.E.De.
2015-12-03Data Protection Add-On for Google DocsSilva, E.H.P.
2015-05-26Data Provenance Management for Fine-grained and Coarse-grained levelsChathumadi, D.L.T.
2013-10-25Data retrieval and dynamic data organizing solution for a high volume, high performance Electronic Trading Systems.Tissera, M.H.M.R.
2013-09-24Data warehouse for Retailer Ad systemSameera, H.G.L.
2013-10-12Database Abstraction Layer for Smart Phone SensorsJanagan, H