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Title: Data Protection Add-On for Google Docs
Authors: Silva, E.H.P.
Issue Date: 3-Dec-2015
Abstract: Google Docs is an online document handling platform which gives users to view, share, and edit documents online. Like all cloud-based systems, this cloud security has limitations, and comes with some inherent risks. The proposed method to encrypt or decrypt a specific cell for a Google Sheet is available in the cloud environment. Once a user clicks on an Encrypt cell range program will identify cell addresses of selected cell ranges and encrypt cells appropriately. The key is useful to handle the encryption and decryption of particular cells. This will help users to protect selected data from a published document. In this method, the owner of the document can decide who can see the protected data by sharing the public key of the encrypted data. Therefore this is very useful when handling accounting data or storing passwords in published documents. Still it has drawbacks like slowing down the processing speed when it deals with a large number of encrypted data and the free version of google docs has limitations of encrypting cells since this consumes a lot of processing power.
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