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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-09-09Radio Tomographic Imaging using Extremely Resource Constrained DevicesDe Alwis, A.C.S
2017Rating the Credibility of Online News StoriesJayasinghe, J. A. D. P. K. A.
2021-07-29Rational Intelligent Project Scheduler for Software Project ManagementHandunge, G.D.P.M.
2021-07-19Re-Con gurable Vulnerability DiscoveryJayawardane, J.M.S.K.
2013-09-24Re-engineering Processes for Migration to Service Oriented Environment/ PlatformGunawardena, M.A.R.D.
2021-08-04Real - Time Smart Waste Management System Based on IOT for Smart CityWeerathunge, A.K.D.S.
12/19/2013Real Time Context Aware Adaptation for Mobile DevicesRathnasiri, M.Y.U.L.
2015-05-22Real Time Realistic Ocean Wave Rendering Model for Visualization of Different Sea StatesMadushani, G.L.
2017Real Time Robotic Arm Control Using Leap MotionJayatissa, K.A.Aruny
2014-10-03Real Time Secure Document Sharing ApplicationSampath, L.H.T.
2015-05-25Real Time Ship-wave Simulation Model For Ocean Going VesselsRanasinghe, R.H.A.S.B
2015-12-02Real Time SQL Injection Detection Add-on for Mozilla FirefoxWarnakulasooriya, W.M.I.G.B.D.
2016-09-15Real-time detection of Sri Lankan road signs with intelligent speed assistantYapa, L. A. N.
2021-07-22A Real-Time Framework for Arrhythmia ClassificationJayasinghe, U.
2013-09-24Real-Time Map Generation and Group Tracking using Mobile PhonesPahalawatta, P.D.D.N.
2022-08-09Real-time market data warehousing platform for data visualizationJayasekara, P.G.T.L.
2021-08-04Real-Time Mobile Decodable Data Encoding Algorithm for Video SteganographyMadhushan, G.K.L.U.
2015-05-26Real-time Simulation of Aero-optical Distortions Due to Air Density Fluctuations at Supersonic SpeedHarischandra, N.S.
2014-05-20Real-time Simulation of Hybrid Wind-driven Ocean Wave Model for a Naval Tactical Training SystemWeerasinghe, W.A.A.M.