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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12/17/20133D Driving SimulatorPerera, B.W.S.
12/17/2013Abnormal Pattern Detection in Time Series Data via Artificial Immune System ModelPerera, P.D.S.U.
12/17/2013GPS Based Tracking Tool for Tourism IndustryWickramanayake, B.H.
12/17/2013AOnesC: An Aspect-Oriented Extension to nesCLakshika, H.K.E.
12/19/2013Image Searching with Eigen Faces and Facial CharacteristicsAyesha, K.H.A.
12/19/2013Summarizing Web Content to Make Richer RSS FeedsAslam, M.A.M.
12/19/2013Towards Communication with Virtual HumansKarunarathne, A.N.De.S.
12/19/2013SKYLINE: Migration of Virtual Machines to End User Terminals for Performance Optimization and Better Resource UtilizationWijewickrama, G.M.
12/19/2013Tiling for GPU EnvironmentsIsuru, K.W.K.
12/19/2013Secure Multi Application Framework for Smart CardEranga, G.D.
12/19/2013Refining Vector Layers Using Satellite ImagesFernando, W.V.A.H.R.
12/19/2013XME: Semantic Based Memory Sharing Model for Xen HypervisorHarshan, D.L.L.
12/19/2013WPKI Based Single Sign On Authentication Protocol for Cloud ComputingNaiduwa, K.P.
12/19/2013Vehicle Classification Based on SoundDharmakeerthi, D.D.D.L.K.
12/19/2013Ontology Based Approach for Diagnosis in Personalized MedicineFernando, M.B.K.S.
12/19/2013Prediction of Horizontal Gene Transfer Using Machine Learning Techniques in Escherichia coliSudasinghe, P.G.
12/19/2013Optimization of Concurrent Query Processing in Sensor NetworksLiyanage, U.S.S.
12/19/2013Real Time Context Aware Adaptation for Mobile DevicesRathnasiri, M.Y.U.L.
12/19/2013Optimizing VIPNetWaidyanatha, U.M.
12/19/2013Peer to Peer Based Decentralized Voluntary Computing FrameworkRajapaksha, A.S.