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Title: Smart Restaurant
Authors: THRIMANNA, T.H.T.D.
Issue Date: 29-Aug-2022
Abstract: Nowadays people are more inclined to use mobile technologies for their systems. Smart Restaurant is a system of integrating the restaurant management system through mobile technology. It works to reduce manual process and increases the accuracy of process in a restaurant. This complete system will provide a pleasant experience for the customer and the restaurant staff. It is increasingly attracting customers and helping to transform the restaurant to grow with a larger customer base. This consists of four main parts. Android Tab Application, Android Mobile Application, Android TV Application and Android Admin Portal. Smart Restaurant system manages and maintains the orders of customers. Customers can use mobile application and Tab application to directly connect with the reservations and order process. The TV app and Admin portal will make the day-to-day work of restaurant staff easier. This system completely reduces the unnecessary time spent by customers and restaurant staff. And also, the system is fully functional under a real-time process. Each order is linked to a single table and is built by one customer per order, but with greater accuracy. Food items can be easily searched, viewed, selected and the bill status can be viewed by customers in real time. Order status and order details are being updated in real time for staff members.
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