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Title: Web-based Blood Donation and Reservation System for the Blood Bank
Authors: Shihab, K.R.M.
Issue Date: 26-Aug-2022
Abstract: Blood donation plays a significant role in saving human lives. A blood bank is the main center that gathers blood from different donors and is preserved for later use for blood transfusion. Although the Blood bank has a website for its general-purpose, a proper communication system among donors and recipients is necessary to fulfill emergency needs. Also, the current system does not have a process to request blood, and there is no system to request blood donations. At present, there is no such communication system to support one another needs. In an emergency, when the recipients need a specific blood group, there can be situations where that is unavailable in hospitals. In such instances, they will have to wait until the relevant hospital goes through their standard process of fulfilling the need. The hospital checks the availability of the blood in the blood bank or a nearby general hospital. Even though the blood is available, the blood bank faces issues transporting the blood on time based on the requirements. Delays might happen due to such problems, and this is a significant concern when blood is required for an emergency. Blood bank needs an automated communication system to provide blood on emergency needs. The primary purpose of this study is to help blood banks to connect all stakeholders to manage and store blood. The proposed system is a Web-based blood donation and reservation system to instantly assist communication among the blood bank, the donor, and the recipient. Anyone can use the proposed system to request blood at any time and donate blood. A blood recipient can check the status of the requested blood on the system. When a user requests blood and blood is not available at the blood bank, the system will automatically send notification SMS and Email to the registered donors to donate blood, thereby saving lives in an emergency. The system notifies and reminds the donors to donate blood at the right time. The proposed Web-based system was implemented using PHP in Apache NetBeans 12.4. HTML, CSS(Cascading Style Sheets), and JavaScript were used for GUI design, while XAMPP Server is used to execute MySQL server for Database and Apache server to deliver web content. User feedback was derived to evaluate the implemented system. Overall, the user feedback was positive, and they claimed that the system is easy to use and helpful for an emergency needs to save lives. Hence, we argue that the project was successful completed to meet the user expectations.
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