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Title: Medicare Center Management System for Habarakada Medicare Center
Authors: Rupasingha, R.A.L.U.
Issue Date: 29-Aug-2022
Abstract: Habarakada Medicare Centre (HMC) is one of the well-established rather a patient-based regional medicare center treating outpatients. For 10 years, all the functionalities of the medicare center have been maintained by a traditional manual system. The ultimate aim of the Medicare Center Management System is to automate the existing traditional manual systems with the support of current technology. In places with a huge patient base, patients have to stay in long queues, plenty of time is spent waiting for the doctor's consultation, getting medicine from the pharmacy, and paying the bill. Moreover, both the doctor and the patient are disadvantaged due to the absence of channeling history with details of previously prescribed medicines and the patient’s medical records. The pharmacist is also unaware of the stockout or overstocking issue regarding pharmaceutical drugs. Thus, the Medicare Center Management System can be a solution to resolve these issues. After the installation of such a system, the patient can get an appointment online. In addition, the time wasted on queues, unavailability of electronic access to patient’s treatment history, and improper medicine stock maintenance will be diminished by the enablement of the Medicare Center Management System for Habarakada Medicare Centre. The system can manage the patients’ registration, online appointments, keeping details of the prescription and medical records, medicine details, and billing information which the medicare center administration can rely upon. The system is developed using the CodeIgniter framework using PHP, MySQL, and Bootstrap. It is expected that after implementing the system, it will enhance the quality of service in order to generate a better patient experience. This system is user-friendly and flexible for users to deliver real conceivable benefits to Habarakada Medicare Centre.
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