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Title: Online Criminal Reporting and Management System
Authors: Rathnayake, R.M.L.D.
Issue Date: 29-Aug-2022
Abstract: This document describes the development of the Web Based online criminal reporting and management system. Main Objective of this project is to develop an online criminal reporting and management system which can be easily accessible to the police and general users at all the time. With this system can automate the existing manual system and fulfill the requirements of both police and general public. People can report complain online through this online system from anywhere at any time. It would help people to catching criminals immediately and punishing them as per the law. With this system police can store their valuable information for a longer period of time with easy accessing of them. Online Criminal Reporting and Management system is the solution for both general public and police department. The system will help the police department to take action as quickly as possible and maintain the database effectively. This will not only make the work easy but also it will help the users to access many features like view reports, find missing persons, find most wanted persons etc. This system will give a perfect solution to the police for managing the crime in a better and a structured way. Another major advantage of this system is notify police officers about the criminal cases through emails. In this system all these activities (like registration of the complaint, updating information) are managed that saves time of police officers and people. Three-tier architecture is used to develop “Online Criminal Reporting and Management System”. For the front end developments used web technologies such as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript. For back end developments used PHP with code igniter framework. MySQL database is used as database management system. Since requirements are very clear and to develop the high quality product with the least cost and time waterfall model is used.
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