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Title: A Business Management System for Antenna House, Kadawatha
Authors: Rajapakse, A.R.P.D.N.
Issue Date: 29-Aug-2022
Abstract: The Business Management System was built for Antenna House, Kadawatha. Presently all the business functions at the shop are performed manually. The system implemented is intended to fully automate the business functions so that the day to day work of the shop is effective, efficient and easier. It also ensures that the customers get a first rate service and makes decision making easier for the management. There are six types of user categories who interact with the system. They are customer, DEO (Data Entry Operator), technician, manager, supplier and administrator. They have separate profile pages which give them different privileges to perform certain authorized functions. The proposed system supports product, customer, supplier and employee registration and the management of the aforesaid categories. Shopping cart facilities with search of products is also available. Furthermore, viewing of faults repaired at the shop, accepting repairs at shop, viewing status of repair jobs, and scheduling home-visit repairs are facilitated. Confirming of suppliers who have made supply requests, sending quotations to suppliers and accepting new supplies are also other functions available. Technicians are also able to view their repair jobs, update accepted job status and send e-mails upon change of status. Sale, repair and purchase reports are also generated to support decision making to managers. Employees are also able to request leave through the system. The system was developed using the MVC Architecture and the iterative waterfall model was used in development. Use case diagrams, a class diagram, sequence diagrams and activity diagrams were drawn during the design phase. Visual Studio Code, XAMPP , Bootstrap and Codeigniter technologies were used in implementation. The system was designed with the intention of supporting the day to day functions of the employees at Antenna House, and to help Antenna House maintain a good relationship with its customers and suppliers. The designed system will be able to fulfill the anticipated benefits successfully.
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