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dc.contributor.authorNandaThilak, R.W.M.-
dc.description.abstractThe National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB) is a government organization which is providing safe drinking water to nation and sanitation service in Sri Lanka. Currently NWSDB serves approximately 2.5 million of Consumers Island wide. NWSDB have 40 regional support centers (RSC) and 325 water supply schemes (WSS). The problem identified that the process of water quality of the drinking water was not recorded in a repository. All documentations were in manual forms and stored in papers, which was inefficient as no security on the historical information about the water quality. Therefore, NWSDB required web-based solution to capture and store water quality data and provide alerts to act and correct the issues popup during the quality testing at laboratories. To overcome the above issues and to increase the productivity of the laboratory staff was the concern of introducing the software product. All data stored in repository can be used by the top management to make decisions promptly. After carefully studying the operational aspects of the laboratory process, the system which is capable to capture test results with minimum errors was introduced. The system was integrated with the testing parameters, tolerance limits and the sample location as a key input and validate for errors. Sample points were changed time to time and sample registration done through the system process. It reduced manual documentation and proceeded with the flow. All data were stored in the central database and produced dashboards, reports, and alerts at relevant time to correct stakeholder. There are 34 laboratories for testing the water quality island wide which facilitated to capture tested sample results to the system. This information is fully transparence to all the regions in NWSDB. This online system has been used to the Rapid Application Development approach which is well applicable for this project. The online system was developed using .NET framework 4 environment using C #, MS SQL, IIS web server, HTML5 and JavaScript. Object oriented concepts have been used to build the system throughout the entire development process. According to the design, development, and implementation process of the project up to now it fulfilled the NWSDB requirement such as keeping historical data, alerts for necessary actions, improved the laboratory efficiency etc. Proposed system properly supports to overcome the manual process and operate online water quality management System Island wide.en_US
dc.titleWeb Based Water Quality Management System For National Water Supply and Drainage Boarden_US
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