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Title: Web Based Timetable Management System for University of Vocational Technology (UNIVOTEC)
Authors: Priyadarshana, R.D.P.I.
Issue Date: 29-Aug-2022
Abstract: The University of Vocational Technology (UNIVOTEC) was formed by Parliamentary Act No. 31 of 2008 and is overseen by the Ministry of Higher Education, Technology, and Innovation. Skilled technicians ensure that the industrial world's daily technological activities are carried out precisely and efficiently. A hands-on approach to technical education that provides students with the necessary tools to excel in their careers after graduation. Mostly, in Sri Lanka, the system of managing a university timetable is done manually. This is a cumbersome task, especially with more constraints in concern. Firstly, the generation of the timetable is largely time consuming. Secondly, the management (updates) and management reporting is overwhelming. Thirdly, it is prone to many unexpected “timetable clashes” and inconsistencies. The scope of this project is to provide a Web Based Timetable Management System for University of Vocational Technology that can automating the complete timetabling process with management Information system reporting. This timetable management system focuses on User login, course details, programme details, lectures details, staff details, student details, time slot details, lecture room details, labs details, class details, batch details, semester details, course details, department details, time table allocation and generation process, view time table for selected semester, selected date range, selected course selected program. The system analysis and design followed a fully object-oriented development approach along with some agile/extreme programming best practices. The Implementation architecture falls into the popular three-layered architecture. It adheres to factory pattern identified in the design stage as the core of its implementation. Currently, the system is at the design/development iterations. This system has been developed in Microsoft® Windows environment using Apache, PHP and MySQL three open source technologies that are often combined to develop web applications. This time table management system is fully functioned with the functional requirements and the stakeholders are satisfied with the benefits of the system.
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