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Title: Relief Management System
Authors: Harujah, B.
Issue Date: 29-Aug-2022
Abstract: The Relief Management System is designed for every local authority in each district of Sri Lanka to keep the records of the citizens electronically who were affected by pandemic and to provide them the necessary relief in a quick manner. It is common that relief planning activities have significantly contributed in minimizing vulnerability when a disaster strikes. The lower socio-economic group of people will be the most affected one because of these disasters. The government of Sri Lanka is fulfilling their necessary needs as much as they can, even though because of the manual works and less information communication technology, the proper information’s regarding the relief management is not reaching the correct customer group within the time. RMS system is an effective solution to handle the needy people in the pandemic situation and to provide them the necessary requirements as soon as possible. It is developed for managing the funding and relief management for the public who were affected by the pandemic. The RMS system implemented using ReactJS and Firebase used as a database technology. And tested with Black box testing and User Evaluation also done. The Grama Niladhari and District Secretary of each District will have the access to this system. They will be able to record the details of every families belongs to each GN Divisions and can be filtered according to their income levels to provide them a necessary facility. This system will help for research purpose also as it can store large amount of data. This Relief Management System contains the whole reports analysis regarding the pandemic to make the good decisions for higher and local authorities.
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