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Title: Web based Examination Management System for TVEC
Authors: Gunathilake, P. M. C. P.
Issue Date: 29-Aug-2022
Abstract: One of the core activities of the tertiary and vocational education commission's quality assurance and assessment division is to conduct NVQ level 5 examinations for the technical, vocational education and training sector. Every year, there will be two examinations held for different industry sectors. In past years, NVQ level 5 examination related activities such as call application, student registration, issue admissions, arrangement of papers, invigilator allocations, etc., had been conducted by using a manual process. It takes lots of time and requires more human resources to complete those activities. Another disadvantage of this manual process is the maintenance of different types of documents in hardcopies and it becomes a challenging task to search information when required. An ICT enabled system would be great solution to overcome the above-stated problems with just few clicks of work. This newly developed system used web technologies such as PHP framework-Code Igniter with MYSQL database and apache webserver. This newly implemented system handled all the information with the central database, and only the authorized users able to access these information and services through the internet. To test the new system, it used manual test cases and automated test cases. The quantitative analysis method used to evaluate the usability of the system based on user feedback. It mainly focused on the appearance, usability, functionality, performance, and security of the system. Based on the usability evaluation result, each category scored more than 85% of both agrees and strongly agreed categories. This web-based solution was enabled more user-friendly environment to handle examination related activities. In addition to that, this system facilitates the registered students to view their basic information by using their national identity card number. The newly developed system includes all the features to facilitate for the students, training centers and staff of the TVEC.
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