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Authors: Gunasekara, P.D.
Issue Date: 29-Aug-2022
Abstract: Sri Lanka as a country with developing economy, experience an exhausted waste collection service and inadequately managed solid waste collection process. Waste management is an ongoing process and it is a challenge with rapid urbanization. furthermore problem is worsening with improper and inefficient systems. The traditional daily door-step collection system has many downsides. Physically going to the households and checking waste levels unnecessarily consume labor power, fuel and time as some bins may not need emptying. Therefore, this project aims at implementing a web application to maintain garbage bins, monitor garbage collection and to effectively communicate with customers and truck drivers. Current stage of the system is focused on collecting solid garbage types like glass, plastic, rubber, e-waste, paper, etc. It incorporates a Raspberry Pi module which automatically updates the garbage bin status in the system. The incremental development model was used during the lifecycle of development and the system has been implemented using the technologies such as PHP and MYSQL. The system had been implemented to achieve the functional requirements identified. The system was tested using black box testing approach as mentioned in the initial test plan. All high priority test cases had been executed and bugs are fixed. The implemented system provides a platform for communication, customer management, garbage management, schedule management for staff, drivers and customers.
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