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Title: Higher Studies and Career Guidance Possibilities Suggesting System for Students
Authors: de Alwis, W I S J
Issue Date: 29-Aug-2022
Abstract: Choosing the perfect higher studies option and a suitable career is essential for success in life. When considering the workers’ job skills and satisfaction, it is known that some people get to know that they lack qualifications and skills once they have started their careers. Hence, this issue has lead workers to become unsatisfactory and to produce low-quality output in their operating companies. The root of this problem is choosing the wrong career without knowing their natural skills and qualifications. When considering the subject selection and selecting the right career path, the person should be aware of his/her capabilities and weaknesses and choose them appropriately. This dissertation report suggests a system to identify higher education paths and suitable careers for a person (student) by processing specific student data, according to Howard Garden’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences. The future system would analyse the input data, such as student marks and his/her behavioural qualities and extracurricular skills and suggest suitable subjects for higher studies and a career path. This project would help students target their future careers and produce people capable of relevant job skills in the current job market. The system will initially fetch all the required data, such as student, subject, class, marks, teachers records. The system will store the data inside a database. When a person (teacher) wants to get details of a student of his higher studies and the future career path, the system will analyse and filter all the required details and display them along with suitable charts for easy understanding. Further, the system will analyse the data and generate teacher performance reports and comprehensive reports, which helps higher managerial decisions. An MVC platform such as CodeIgniter is was used when developing the system. HTML and Bootstrap were used to develop the system’s front-end, while PHP language was used to develop the back-end. MySQL is the database which uses to store all the relevant data. The system was developed from scratch as a stand-alone system in a web environment. Around thirty two users participated in the evaluation process to determine whether the project’s goals were achieved. According to the user evaluation feedback, the system can be decided as a success and can suggest higher studies and career options for students.
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