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Issue Date: 29-Aug-2022
Abstract: The Web-Based Automobile Service Station Management System is a well-prepared solution for most of the challenging requirements that arise in an automobile service station. The foremost issues in servicing and maintenance processes, of automobiles, will be addressed, and in addition, the opportunities to reduce the time required for the above processes will also be considered in order to provide an efficient service to the customer. Both customers and the management can be engaged with their day-to-day work efficiently and effectively using the web application. Satisfied customers are valuable assets for the business and, hence a higher profit can be gained by the management with the services provided via the Web-Based Automobile Service Station Management System. A reliable, safe, and precise service will be provided to the customers by facilitating them to view their vehicle service history details in an easily accessible manner, which is introduced as one of the key aspects. Making and canceling reservations, sending confirmation emails, online purchasing automobile materials are some of the main features of the system. Correspondingly, the customers are allowed to provide feedback on the services they obtained at the service station. Nowadays, technology is on a boost. People wish to live a luxurious life with minimum physical work. Hence, the management can generate administrative and financial reports via the website as per their requirements, and maintaining a considerable customer base can lead to easy promotional activities. Considering the time factor, online stock maintenance will also be a profitable service from the management perspective. Thus, the Web-Based Automobile Service Station Management System will be a profitable web application since it is efficient, accurate, user friendly and it goes hand in hand with the new-age technology.
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