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Title: Education Services Establishment Branch Online Information Management System
Authors: Anjalee, R.A. Uththara
Issue Date: 29-Aug-2022
Abstract: The Education Services Establishment Branch (ESEB) is one such government organization that involves many stakeholders, information, and resources. Hence developing an Online Information Management System for ESEB is essential to save time and resources in handling the daily activities. The Education Services Establishment Branch (ESEB) is a branch of the Ministry of Education. This unit deals with the personal files of the officers of the Sri Lanka Education Administrative Services. The Education Services Establishment Branch does not have an online information system currently, and thus all work and details are handled manually. The work related to recruiting, allocating, request handling, and decision-making are few examples of such manual operations conducted by the ESEB. Moreover, ESEB coordinators manage a lot of hard copies and forms. This has become a tedious task over the past few years, mainly due to working from home in the current pandemic. The current manual approach is0timeoconsuming0and0requires0more0human0 resources0to 0manage0 the0 manual0 protocols; hence0it0 is0 less0 efficient0 and0 time-consuming. Furthermore, retrieving0 the0 past0 data0 is0 complicated0 and 0challenging 0due 0to 0the0 storage0of data 0in 0papers.0The 0most 0crucial 0information0stored 0in 0such 0paper 0formats 0is destroyed0 after 0some 0time 0due 0to 0storage 0limitations. Hence demonstrating numerous drawbacks. The proposed ESEB Online Information Management System will overcome the above-stated limitations and disadvantages while streamlining the entire process in the best optimal way. Furthermore, this web-based software solution connects all potential stakeholders to enhance the current process and manage routine activities more efficiently. The Education Services Establishment Branch (ESEB) system was designed using object-oriented concepts to ease the requirements gathering process. The system is deployed in an Apache web server, and MYSQL is used as the database management system. Font-end was done using a Bootstrap framework. Implementation technology stack includes PHP, CSS, JQuery, and Ajax. This web-based system can be accessed using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.
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