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Title: Web Based Recruitment Management System
Authors: Vithanage, T I K
Issue Date: 26-Aug-2022
Abstract: Recruitment is an important factor in present companies. This consumes much time, cost and resources to handle this tedious task. Most of the companies use third party generic soft wares to handle these. Unfortunately, these are unable to customize according to the customer needs. Then it is needed to purchase multiple soft wares separately to complete the full process of recruitment. Otherwise they have to use third-party services to assist the process. This might be a risk for the company. Because they have to provide their company details, job role details, salary details and some of the standards of the company that they follow. Any how this occupy number of days to finalize even a one task of whole process. Then it is impossible to complete all the tasks which are expected from the company such as progress reporting, evaluation reporting and other related report generating tasks. After considering identified issues, this computerized solution was proposed against existing manual process. But it should be accessible to external candidates. Because of that, this Web-Based Recruitment Management System was proposed. This system contains all steps of the recruiting process. Including job postings, candidate handling, candidate evaluation, and recruitment-related reporting. This system has adapted MVC (Model View Controller) architecture and object-oriented techniques. Then UML (Unified Modeling Language) was used to analyze and design the system. For the implementation Typescript and JavaScript was used. Visual Studio Code has been used as the development IDE. Both MySQL and Type ORM have been used to manage the data storing and retrieving and aspects. Chart.js has been used to generate reports. Finally, the system was effectively developed and successfully implemented. According to the user evaluation feedback, this proposed web-based recruitment management system fulfills and satisfies most of the requirements of the organizations.
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