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Title: Incident Management System for People’s Bank
Authors: Rajapaksha, N.I
Issue Date: 26-Aug-2022
Abstract: In this project, an incident management system is successfully developed for the People‘s Bank of Sri Lanka. The system supports providing reliable and efficient IT service to the bank staff. A bank always faces certain situations, where an error or issue occurs, or something doesn‘t operate the way it was designed to be. Here the incident management comes across a way to play a vital role to fix IT services as normal as acceptable. This incident management system is easy to use and help incident reporting, open for changes and statistics collecting for those with the appropriate authority. Any employee of People‘s Bank would be able to submit an incident report which the system will notify the incident response at the IT department of the bank to assign the ticket to the relevant parties to solve the problem. The system can gather data and statistics regarding incidents which can be applied as decision support. This system supposes to be implemented using Apache tomcat, MySQL, JSF, jasper reports and java technology on-site. Since the system is designing to be portable, it can be easily implemented on other banks as well.
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