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Title: Wedding Book
Authors: Kaushalya, L.A.H.S.
Issue Date: 26-Aug-2022
Abstract: This project presents an online marketing web application for wedding vendors and public users who plan their weddings. The “WeddingBook” application does marketing & facilitates a specific selection platform for wedding vendors & customers. Nowadays we can see huge competition among wedding vendors and they have to put in a big effort to do their marketing on social media platforms. When it comes to the customer side, they spend more time finding the perfect vendor service provider by contacting or visiting their locations or wedding exhibitions. And also visiting any vendor places can be difficult with the covid pandemic situations. Based on these observed problems system architecture had been designed to address identified gaps of the business domain and achieve the functional and nonfunctional requirements. This has been designed based on the 3 user roles; such as administrator, public user and vendor. This application was developed to facilitate different sets of functionalities; such as vendor profile registration & creation, publishing advertisement, online payment process, managing vendor profiles, social media marketing, searching & filtering vendor locations/business profiles, searching available advertisements, checking availability of vendor service, adding and searching reviews and ratings. The Wedding book web application was developed using Laravel framework, PHP, MySQL database platforms. The Development approach was planned based on the agile methodologies. Testing and evaluation had been done to verify the quality of the application based on the quality assurance and quality control testing standards. The implemented wedding book web application has been provided competitive online marketing platform to vendors and user-friendly selection platform to any public users with the purpose of finding a beautiful variety of wedding styles across Sri Lanka based on the latest wedding ideas and inspiration.
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