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Title: Maintenance Management System for Packwell Lanka (Pvt) Ltd
Authors: Jayamaha, S. I. D
Issue Date: 26-Aug-2022
Abstract: Packwell Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is a private company that specializes in the manufacturing of customized corrugated boxes and all other packaging solutions for more than 35 years and is leading the industry in providing a variety of packaging solutions to both domestic and international clientele. The company’s main aim is to provide their customers with high quality products on time. In order to do so, they need to ensure that their equipment and machinery and maintained efficiently. They currently employ a manual procedure for carrying out their maintenance, both preventive and corrective. The solution that is developed helps them to automate these processed with functionalities such as Equipment Management, Preventive Maintenance, Work Order Management, Predictive Maintenance, Vendor Management, Inventory & Procurement and Report Generation. The Maintenance Management System was developed based on the Rational Unified process. PHP was the main programming language used along with NetBeans 12.0 as the Integration Development Environment (IDE). The database server used was MariaDB 10.1.19, which is a fork of the MySQL database server. Apart from PHP, HTML and CSS were used in the development of interfaces based on a Bootstrap theme. The developed maintenance management system is implemented in the company with it being used to track breakdowns and assets. They are currently in the processing of phasing out their old processes. All components of the system were tested comprehensively prior to implementation. The final outcome satisfies all customer requirements and has eased their day to day process.
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