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Title: Food Swipe Canteen Food Ordering System
Authors: Mohamed Insaaf, H. F.
Issue Date: 26-Aug-2022
Abstract: The ultimate aim of the Food Swipe Canteen Food Ordering System is to automate existing traditional manual systems with the support of current technology. In venues with enormous crowds, consumers have to sit in long waits, a substantial amount of time is spent waiting for food to be brought, paying the bill, and getting orders processed. Food Swipe is a solution to rectify this issue. Customers can order their food and make payments online. The time wasted on queues and waiting for cash change will be diminished by the enablement of Food Swipe for the canteen business. Also, the application can manage canteen products, orders, customer details, and sales information which the canteen administration can rely upon. Customers can make cashless payments using wallet points, which can be recharged from the canteen caretakers. The application is built using web technologies such as JS, PHP and HTML.
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