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Title: ‘iMediCare’ System for Doctor-Patient Interactions
Authors: Illankoon, I.A.A.V.
Issue Date: 26-Aug-2022
Abstract: ‘MediCare’ is a medical center in Kadawatha that has been in operation since 2015. It offers medical facilities to patients. The Medical Center is modest, with only about four examination rooms. They have a steady stream of patients and also offer laboratory services to them. Doctor channeling is currently done over the phone because they are operating manually. Because they don't have access to an online system, all of the employees are having a difficult time. Considering the issues that arise in the traditional way of manual operations ‘iMediCare’ solution is proposed to facilitate better diagnosis by the doctor by providing patient medical history and analysis based on previous records. Also, the system is designed to carry out the basic operation within the channeling center to have smooth relationship between the patient and the medical center. The system will also provide visibility to the patient of their records, reports, and other details. The hybrid approach was chosen as the software development life cycle model for the effective completion of system development. In addition, the system was designed using the Unified Modeling Language (UML), and the diagrams were drawn using various tools such as wire-frame, creately, and Star UML.The system implementation was done using MVC architecture and the fun framework was used for developing the system with HTML, CSS, and JS. For the creation of this web-based system, PHP was utilized as a server-side programming language, and the development environment was constructed using XAMPP with Apache and MySQL servers. The project was successfully completed, allowing the client to continue operating efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, it was able to successfully eliminate existing issues in the manual system while maintaining an acceptable level of client satisfaction.
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