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Title: Web Based Learning Object Repository for Hakahinna Maha Vidyalaya
Authors: Jayakanthi, W.D.
Issue Date: 29-Jul-2021
Abstract: Evolution of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has affected on most of the sectors around the world. E-learning is one of the resultant area in education that affected by the immerging technologies of ICT. Traditional way of teaching and learning are out dated and new ways, methods arriving at due to the technological enhancements. Unfortunately, due to the lack of facilities, we Sri Lankans had only adopted a very few in the process of teaching and learning. Recent years this situation seems to be changed in our system of education. The specialists have identified that it cannot be survived without ICT and our next generation should be facilitated with these technologies in order to win the world. New reforms in education are arriving at and many projects are deployed towards this. Many institutions are willing and trying at their best to go online and to do their tasks electronically. These reasons led to propose a system in which electronically store and retrieve learning objects that could be used as visual aids in teaching and learning process. Since our school also interested with the idea, a need analysis was conducted. A positive response was given by the need analysis making a starting point with the proposal to develop a Web Based Learning Object Repository. The system will facilitate the teachers, students as well as the guest by providing access to Learning Objects. This would ease the tasks of the teachers and students towards a better tomorrow. Object oriented methodologies were employed and the MVC framework was used to structure the development of the system. At the end of the project, a properly tested, working system was developed and deployed successfully. This thesis describes the complete system development process of the Hakahinna Learning Object Repository (HLOR) from identification of system requirements to the end of evaluation process.
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