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Title: 3D Metaphor for Interactive Visual Analytics Of Social Media Data
Authors: Ranathunga, P. M.
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Abstract Social media is a platform where people share their views, ideas, sentiments, and emotions every day. The popularity of social media has been growing over the past few years. Every day social media generates large number data from users. Extracting and interpreting information from user-generated data is a trending topic in the scientific community and the business world. Numerous web applications that deal with processing and the visualization of user-generated content have proved the importance of social media data visualization. Visualizing those data is not an easy task. Every day people are trying come up with new ways to visualize these data which will help to analyze them more closely. In this dissertation, an interactive 3D metaphor to visualize social media data in a 3D environment using WebGL is introduced. This visualization is mainly based on the geolocation where users can analyze the social media data based on the geolocation. After making some improvements, we can use this 3D metaphor for other social media data as well. In this dissertation, the evaluation was done using a qualitative approach. Shared an online survey on internet and participants had an experience with a 2D and 3D metaphor which has hosted on the internet. From that user got a chance to experience the proposed metaphor in their environment. There were totally 37 participants who have completed the survey successfully. More than 50% of participants had mentioned that proposed 3D metaphor is suitable to visualize social media data, in this case, twitter data.
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