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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-05-20i-Library Management System for Verdict Deal (Pvt) LtdArachchi, D.N.G.
2017An ICT Based Solution for Virtual Garment Fitting in for Online MarketplaceGunatilake, M.D.H.E; Hidellaarchchi, D.D.; Perera, W.M.I.C.S
2017ICT for Psychosocial Competency Development: A study conducted in Sri LankaMudannayake, M.A.D.A.L.
2016-06-08Identification & Verification of Mutations in Human GenomeKamalsooriya, D.N.; Ranasinghe, R.D.T.W.
2017Identification of Hate Speech in Social MediaRuwandika, N.D.T.
2017Identification of Lantana Camara Distribution Using Convolutional Neural NetworksSamarajeewa, T. M.
2021-08-06Identification of NoSQL Injection Vulnerabilities in MongoDB based Web ApplicationsWeeratunga, A.M.
2022-07-14Identification of Songs using Humming QuerAbeysekera, I. A.
2022-08-26Identification of sticker printing defects in glove manufacturing process using Computer Vision techniquesWickramathunga, W. M. C.
2021-08-04Identify dusts on solar panels using drone still imagesUditha, B. D. I
2021-08-11Identify User behavior on digital devices by using digital footprintsNITHIANANTHAN, N.
2015-05-22Identifying Adverse Drug Reactions By Analyzing Twitter MessagesRajapaksha, W.R.M.P.
2022-08-19Identifying CSE market signals by integrating technical analysis with machine learning techniquesPriyadarshana, M.D.S.L.
2016-09-15Identifying Diabetic Retinopathy Using Retinal Fundus ImagesShanjeeva, K.
2021-07-26Identifying Muscle Imbalances in Athletes via Motion Analysis using Sensory InputsVithanage, S.S.; Ratnadiwakara, M.S.
2016-09-08Identifying Purchase Intent of Tweets using Natural Language ProcessingSamarakone, R. P. E.
2021-07-29Identifying risk factors and their impact on Cervical CancerAdikari, A.M.R.D.
2021-07-26Identifying Suspicious Records in Household DataNamasivayam, L.
2021-08-03Identifying the ethno-nationality of English bloggers using deep learningMendis, B. S. G
2015-06-29Identifying Trading ManipulatorsWithanage, A.R.P.