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Title: Identifying risk factors and their impact on Cervical Cancer
Authors: Adikari, A.M.R.D.
Issue Date: 29-Jul-2021
Abstract: Cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting women worldwide. According to medical view, there are several factors which cause this cancer. It is mainly caused due to inappropriate behavior of women. Cervical cancer has become a leading cancer in Sri Lanka by being at the second place out of top ten cancers. Hence, Sri Lankan government has started conducting several awareness programs to minimize the number of effects. Computational algorithms are the new trend in determining most of the diseases and they are heavily used with cancer data. Since these algorithms are applied to enormous number of actual data, researchers can come up with results that are more accurate. In the meantime, patients can gain a better understanding about themselves prior to a medical checkup. This research is conducted in order to identify significance of cervical cancer risk factors and their combinational impact. Data mining techniques are applied to identify combinational effect of risk factors. With the application of these techniques, an idea will be provided for medical researchers to conduct their research on this. Knowledge generated with the application of data mining techniques will be helpful in the medical field since the output of data mining is based on actual data. Doctors can conduct an analysis from their end and enhance the generated knowledge. Therefore, this information will be very useful to doctors in diagnosing their patients and predicting the probability of their patients developing cervical cancer.
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