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Title: Application to Retrieve Location Maps & Optimized Routes from GIS Data
Authors: Vijayakumar, T.
Issue Date: 11-Nov-2013
Abstract: “One picture is worth more than ten thousand words” In the modern world where people expect any required information to be retrieved fast and accurate, getting geographical data relating to the people movement or a specific location details has become very essential and more interesting subject of today’s IT world. Early days where you had only the conventional maps, to find your favorite location or to plan out a particular travel route you will have to spend a quite lot of time on tracing manually on the map. But with the introduction of the digital maps and the rapid growth of the related technologies, opportunities for the IT people to provide various solutions like planning a route, finding a specific location or live travel guidance have grown up immensely. Today there are so many products and free services available for us to enjoy the benefits of digital mapping. With the advent of satellite based GPS positions and geocoding all the landmarks, has resulted the GIS based information systems more convenient and efficient systems for the people to carry out their day to day work. Even though, there are many sources available to us to get the specific GIS data, we always prefer to have our own information system which we can have the authority to do what we wanted to do. One can argue why existing systems like Google map can’t be used which has more powerful and variety of features. We did a study on the existing systems and the information available in those services and found out the following reasons to justify our stand. - What if they start to charge for the services? Already some are charging for enterprise level solutions. - Data available only for specific areas and other areas which are more beneficial for us like tourist attractions are yet to be digitize. - Sudden changes on the roads, travel restriction on specific time or introduction of uniflow systems which will not be updated immediately in other systems.
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