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Title: Online Family Health Data Management System
Authors: Mathangaweera, I.C.
Keywords: health data management
Research Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGY
Issue Date: 2-Oct-2013
Abstract: At community level, the primary health care services are delivered through the Medical Officer of Health (MOH) Office. Amongst the members of the MOH office, Public Health Midwife (PHM) and Public Health Nursing Sisters (PHNS) are actively involved in generating monthly reports (RH-MIS 524) and quarterly clinic reports (RH-MIS 527) to the MOH office. Apart from these two reports, six more reports and plotting of several graphs on vital health statistics are done by the officials. All these processes are done manually and it causes high workload on the PHNS in generating master sheets. Apart from that, difficulties associated in finding errors, correcting errors, manual calculations and manual drawings of graphs are the main problems in this system. As a cause, the less reliability of data, waste of time and resources can be identified as the related inefficiencies. These inefficiencies can be readily eradicated by replacing the error prone manual data entry from an online Health Related Data Management System which helps to keep streamlined record keeping processes. According to duties of MOH, PHNS and PHM the project is divided into four main modules User registration module, PHM module, PHNS module and Administrator module. MOH officer must be registered as the Administrator who can assign relevant duties to PHNS and PHM. He can create PHM divisions for his MOH area, manage user role privileges etc. Once it is created, system allows PHNS and PHM to access. All master sheets and graphs can be generated by using this new system. Previous clinical data can also be accessed which is made easy with the search button and can be done either month wise or quarter wise. All the forms in the online data management system are in the three main languages – Sinhala, English and Tamil. The daily update feature enables day to day update of data in to the system. Sending SMS alerts from web application to PHM reminding the report submission dates is another important feature of this project. This online data management system is an effective method of handling data related to maternal and child health care. It replaces the inefficient and error prone manual data entry system with a convenient, user friendly data handling system.
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