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Title: An e-Learning Course on Website Designing
Authors: Soysa, E.T.S.
Issue Date: 23-Oct-2013
Abstract: Delivering a course on Website Designing for learners from distant geographical areas was the requirement. Since the requirement is to deliver the course to students who are from distant locations, e-learning was selected as the method of delivery of this course. After evaluating several platforms which are called Learning Management Systems, Moodle which is an open-source platform was selected. Thereafter course syllabus and content which should be included in e-learning lessons was identified and logical ordering and formatting the content was carried out. Content suitable as plain text was added to Moodle either in PDF files or as rich text included itself inside. Some lessons were created using HTML and CSS inside Dreamweaver web authoring software which enabled the learner to navigate to different topics using the navigation panel provided. Lecture notes which are in PowerPoint format was converted and authored using Adobe Flash and other third-party tools enabling web-view without leaving Moodle. Video demos are created using Camtasia Studio where the student can hear the lecture and see the demonstration as in a lecture room. These types of video demos are flash based and played as streaming content with player controls. Among the lessons a mock quiz is introduced. It has different types of interactive questions such as re-order the answers and match columns. Again these quizzes are built using Flash based tools. Students are provided with a live HTML editor which was built using JavaScript and HTML. Without needing complex software, students can try code segments that they learn within Moodle. Course is designed using many approaches and technologies which can be more interactive and interesting as opposed to hosting lesson documents (tutorials) online.Issues of addressing students from distant locations are solved with the use of e-learning approach.
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