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Title: Web Based Vendor Evaluation System
Authors: Wanigasuriya, L.A.L.
Issue Date: 23-Oct-2013
Abstract: A web based vendor evaluation system was proposed to Dampe Village (Pvt) Limited, in order to overcome its existing problems in the process of supplier selection. Dampe Village is a hotel differentiates itself from others with unique processes leading to competitive advantage. This report focuses on the vendor evaluation and management system of the selected organization. The proposed solution was developed after a thorough analysis on the hotel‟s internal and external environment. The business objectives of the hotel were studied in detail to identify the scope and deliverables of the proposed business solution. Accordingly, wed-based vendor evaluation and management system was considered to be the most appropriate business solution for Dampe Village. The detailed feasibility study carried out to measure financial, technological, social and ecological viability justified the proposed business solution to be viable for implementation. This decision support system was developed using evolutionary prototyping methodology which produces incremental modules. Various project management methodologies were used during the implementing of the project. The design process of the web application was carried out systematically to improve usability and effectiveness of the system. Thorough research was undertaken in similar scorecard systems, analytical hierarchy process, artificial neural networks, data mining, and human computer interaction, to further improve the proposed solution. In conclusion, the system was critically evaluated to identify its key deliverables and limitations along with recommendations for further enhancement of the system.
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