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dc.thesis.supervisorPremaratne, H.L. (Dr.)en_US
dc.thesis.supervisorZoysa, T.N.K.De. (Dr.)en_US
dc.contributor.authorNanayakkara, O.M.L.L.-
dc.description.abstractWith the convergence of wireless data communication and the Internet, more and more Internet services are now being used in the wireless area. Electronic cash and cell phone-based payment is a widespread and popular service these days. In Sri Lanka, this particular viable alternative service as to physical cash is still not in use. Mobile payment protocols are necessary for online transactions. NFC (Near Field Communication) and mobile payments are two areas that have received a significant amount of attention lately. NFC is a wireless communication technology already available on more expensive mobile phones which are not affordable for most of the people in developing countries like Sri Lanka. Recently, many public-key cryptography and symmetric cryptography based mobile payment protocol have been proposed. However, limited capabilities of mobile devices and wireless networks make these protocols unsuitable for mobile networks. SET (Secure Electronic Transaction) protocol is a major e-commerce transaction security protocol. In this project, a new payment protocol with minimizing the extensive computations of SET protocol is introduced. Mainly it has a feature of light weight private key infrastructure based on AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) Cryptography. It has advantages of reliability, easy-to-use and low cost mobile payment methodology using QR codes (Quick Response Codes). New protocol is presented that possesses several desirable characteristics such as anonymity, high security, good usability, support for micro payments and no special hardware requirements need. With rapidly growing demand of smart phones in Sri Lanka, new protocol is implemented for android market. Both merchant mobile app and customer mobile app is introduced according to the new protocol. Customer can pay his/her bill without any network connections via his/her mobile phone by only tapping the phone to merchant mobile’s QR code. So the customer can easily pay the bill without any extra cost at the same time when he buying goods.en_US
dc.subjectMobile Applicationen_US
dc.subjectResearch Subject Categories::TECHNOLOGYen_US
dc.titleMobile Payment Protocol Using QR Codeen_US
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