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dc.contributor.authorWickramasinghe, G.K-
dc.description.abstractThis document describes the development of the web-based IT Demand Manager Requests Management System which facilitates the automation of the Demand Manager Request process in the IT department of the Bank of Ceylon in an effective way. In Bank of Ceylon, when a new business requirement arises, it may need to be developed and implemented as a new IT system or enhance the existing IT system. In such situations, the required business division in the Bank have to submit an 'IT Demand Manager Request' with the relevant approvals from the higher management. This is currently a paper based manual process. Web based 'IT Demand Manager Requests Management System' was developed in order to automate the current manual process. Core concept of the developed system is to track all the Demand Manager requests in the IT division with the additional features for interpreting the data. System was implemented as a fully web-based application using the PHP scripting language and the MySQL as the database storage where the users will be able to access the application through the Bank’s internal network using any user preferred browser. Therefore, with the implementation of a new system, it is expected to increase the efficiency, accuracy of the information and to improve the productivity of the staff members in the IT division. Developed application includes charts and graphs for the graphical representation of the project statuses, which will enhance the user-friendliness, and the readability of the available information. In addition, application is capable of making suggestions to the user based on the available information were application will suggest the development team which the request should be assigned based on the input data of the Demand Manager request. Evaluation and testing were carried out by the selected core workers who were involved in the Demand Manager process including the members from the Senior Management, Development Team, QA Team and Business Teams. Then the implemented system was demonstrated to the selected team members and the opinions and viewpoints were gathered through face-to-face interviews. Positive feedbacks received from the users have proved that the system fulfills the identified requirement and it was beneficial over the previously used manual process.en_US
dc.titleIT Demand Manager Requests Management Systemen_US
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