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dc.contributor.authorThilakshika, G.P.D.-
dc.description.abstractOnline voting is a more convenient way for voting process which use less resources with compare to manual voting process. Access online voting system through internet is more convenient way for the most of the voters with rapid development of the technology. This may be good solution for increasing the voter turnout at polls. Even so the security is the most challenging aspect when consider about online voting. This study is about a software solution for voting through the internet. This system provides a way to record election data, process data and store them as digital information. Both casting a vote and counting votes provide through this online voting system. Other than voting, this system also able to create and handle voter, political party and candidates details. This project report is intended to include the first segment of the project which is the introduction of the problem, its significance, scope, and other important points such as purpose of the project and objectives of this study. Also first chapter state limitations of the project scope. The second segment will contain the software problem analysis where a comprehensive literature review will be discussed. Functional and non-functional requirements also stare in this chapter. Then next segment includes the system design where numerous notation details would be given as well as the representation of the various flowcharts, uses cases, dataflow diagrams and structure charts. As the next segment, an overview on the project implementation will also be discussed. Testing and Evaluation is state as next segment. It provide detail description of test-cases and results achieved through the testing process. Finally summarization of project work and achievement through entire work clearly defined as last section of the report.en_US
dc.titleOnline Voting System (OVS)en_US
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