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dc.contributor.authorMaduranga, M.G.M.-
dc.description.abstractThe main purposes of developing this web-based application are avoidance of lap of paper works, speed up the file movement in the departments to know the up-to-date status of the files. In addition to that centralized file movement and services management system has been designed for minimizing unnecessary employee movements. Adoption of such a system will enable the staff to carry out data processing faster and with greater efficiency to the benefit of the client. While fulfilling the requirements of my master’s degree individual project, this endeavor in developing a new web-based system will fulfill a greater requirement of the Geological Survey and Mines Bureau (GSMB) by greatly enhancing the level of user-focused data processing. The first chapter of this document, which includes all the details of the software being developed, describes GSMB and the factors that led to developing this software and its importance. The second chapter describes the order in which information is collected for software development and the information, so collected is analytically prepared and directed to the user's recommendation. It also describes the functional and non-functional requirements of the software as well as other similar software. The next step in the thesis is the design of the software. Here the functionality of some of the main functions of the software is shown using the UML diagram. The implementation chapter focuses on the RDMS and programming languages used to improve the front-end and back-end of the system. It is to be mention of fact that how to use the MVC methodology with PHP, JavaScript, and Java. The most important part is described here. This includes testing the software and releasing it to users, as well as demonstrating the techniques used. During the testing process, a test plan is prepared and the relevant test cases are discussed. Also, the use of the test automation tool Selenium has been demonstrated. The last chapter of the thesis outlines the prospects of the author and the additional knowledge that I have gained through software development. Apart from the above, the benefits of the software are also explained. Some additional parts have been added as an appendix document.en_US
dc.titleWeb Based Document and Services Management System for Geological Survey and Mines Bureauen_US
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