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dc.contributor.authorLakshitha, S.A.D.R.-
dc.description.abstractDuring the Covid-19 pandemic situation in Sri Lanka around March 2020, most schools started teaching online to their students using online applications. Most of them choose to use freely available software packages. Nalanda College in Sri Lanka has also started its online studies using the Google classroom application. However, not having a proper student management system is the main issue for all schools to handle the pandemic online sessions and their school administration. Nalanda College is also facing the same problem with its daily administrative work. This system was started to support Nalanda College’s administrative works to overcome most manual jobs. This system will help the college administration from students registration to their graduation in Grade 13. The system is designed to generate the admission card when a student is schooling. When he completes his education, the system will generate his leaving certificate according to all his school activities. Also, as the college is using the Google classroom application for their online sessions, this system will help them create timetables without getting through the manual processes. As this system is integrated into the Google API, reports related to conducted sessions will also generate through the system. HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery languages were used for front-end developments while SQL Server 2019 with ADO.Net was used in backend implementation and centralized database management of the project. MVC architecture is used to manage development easily while using visual studio 2019 combined with C# as the programming language. The incremental waterfall methodology is used to complete the project as it suits best over other methodologies in the completion of the project. The main objectives of the project are increasing the productivity and efficiency of the school administration, keeping records in a centralized database, increasing the report generation accuracy were able to achieve in the project. According to the suggestions received during the survey, several UI changes were carried out to get a better user experience. Also as per the feedback received the logic of the attendance report was reevaluated and carried out new development to fix the issue. The project will be extended for the next step of development according to the management decision of payment gateway integration and parental module.en_US
dc.titleStudent Information System Integrated with Google Classroom for Nalanda Collegeen_US
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