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dc.contributor.authorLakmali, W.M.L.P.-
dc.description.abstractThe Enterprise Budget and Financial Workflow Management System is a solution to the problem of manual processes in People's Bank when achieving internal financial operations. The bank follows manual procedures for budgeting, payments, data storing, and payment approval flaws. Therefore, this system aims to turn off manual systems and move to an automated workflow system as possible to make internal processes as effective and efficient. Apart from business requirements, the system provides a user-friendly, flexible environment and better performance to achieve the purpose of the system. This report included the problem areas and scope of the project by analyzing the requirements and identifying similar systems. This report highlights the current state of manual systems and the appropriate technologies and methods that can be applied to solve problems by automating the process. The report describes the system design represented by including the UML diagram, implementation environment architecture, and design strategy. It also covers development tools and technologies, database schema details, implementation modules, and client and server environmental requirements. The testing approach and evaluation of the developed system are described in this report. The test cases were prepared and run for all the key business scenarios identified. At the end of the report includes a general description of the implemented project and future work that can be done on the solution.en_US
dc.titleEnterprise Budget and Financial Workflow Management System for the People’s Banken_US
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