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dc.description.abstractIn the current market context pharmaceuticals have been part and parcel of the human day to day life as the other essentials such as food, clothes etc. This is due to the current lifestyle and the environment context which has being highly polluted. Nevertheless, from poorest to the richest people in the Sri Lankan context is requiring at least one of the drugs continuously to continue their day-to-day life. This cost that each day they need to bear is inevitable and pharmaceuticals has increased their prices and currently even moving towards marketing their brands to doctors which makes this cost for the buyer even higher at present. When evaluate and see properly people pay higher amounts than they should pay for their medicines due to how the current pharmaceutical industry is ran from the prescriber, product owner to the reseller. Mostly they are running behind the money rather than caring about the patient by providing lesser valued pharmaceuticals at the highest quality. The built system provides functions such as automating the quality assurance process and identification of the lowest priced suppliers for a given generic product in the market. These will help in catering the poor and middle-income people who doesn’t have a choice in choosing the pharmaceuticals but to take prescribed product from the doctors or a product directed by the pharmacist. The built system then displays the chosen pharmaceuticals on the e-commerce product catalogue. Also, system has created an environment to see the current low-priced product per a generic pharmaceutical with the same quality as in a higher priced pharmaceutical available for the same generic. Further information on the functions is provided through the Design Architecture Chapter. In order to deliver such service or drive such business scenario via a web system author has used a Layered architecture to facilitate the functions of the proposed system. So layered architecture will support to identify the user interface, business logic and the database of the system as separate components. If needed a separate layer will be facilitated for the shared components. System logic has been completed using the pure PHP language as the core language and the user interface using the HTML, CSS, JS combined Bootstrap framework. Author has done an in-depth elaboration about the technologies used under the Design Architecture Chapter. So, from the proposed system author would like to give the upper hand to the vast majority of the poor or middle-income range of the patients by providing quality assured, low priced product rather than a brand. The differentiation between a branded pharmaceutical and a generic product is done in the “Review of similar systems” chapter as well. The proposed system will evaluate the products for the quality with the support of NMRA quality assured supplier database support and further it’ll be supplying a product with the lowest priced in an efficient manner. The developed system is unique from the currently available e-commerce systems for pharmacies as this is an all-in-one package to cover the total supply chain of a pharmacy which wants to provide quality products at a lower price.en_US
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