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dc.contributor.authorJayarathna, M.K.A.M.-
dc.description.abstractThis study is aimed to provide all-inclusive mobile solution to cover the Meter reader complaint management process in National Water supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB) in Sri Lanka, which controls all major functions of supplying of purified drinking water and sanitary service in Sri Lanka. The current meter reader complain management process is manual and time-consuming process. It includes lots of manual form fillings and data entering. There is no proper method to reconcile the inventory used and measure the workers performances. Hence NWSDB needs a real-time, paperless, error free and mobile solution to address the situation. ‘Meter reader complaint management’ mobile app and the web based ‘Metering’ system can address the issues in the current process and improve the performances of the complaint handling process. Meter reader complaint management app integrate with Mobile meter reading app, Metering system, Inventory Management system (IMS) and Human Resource Management (MRM) in NWSDB. This solution provided paperless transparent process to manage meter reader complaint. It also provided method to reconcile inventory usage and labor working hours. The system improved the efficiency and the accuracy of the whole meter reader complaint management process. Meter reader complaint management app was developed using android studio to create more solid and stable native app. App was developed using the latest version of the android studio, compiled with SDK version 29 and min SDK version 22 to enable the use of app to wide area of operating systems. Web services ware used to communicate with all the systems via mobile app. Metering system was developed using Visual Studio 2015 with the targeted .net framework of 4.5. Both web-based system and mobile app was developed using the RAD methodology. According to feedbacks of the users and current statistics the proposed system fulfilled both functional and non-functional requirements of the proposed system. Users embrace the solution with shorter period because they are satisfied with the functionalities of the solution. This system will inherit technologically advances smart mobile crews to NWSDB to achieve its vision and mission in future.en_US
dc.titleMeter Reader Complaint Management Mobile App and Metering Web Based System for National Water Supply and Drainage Boarden_US
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