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dc.description.abstractThe Web-Based Motor Traffic Fine and Driver Point Management System is developed to have an efficient motor fine management system and to improve the discipline of the Sri Lankan motorist through implementing a Driver Point System which will lead to a drastic reduction of traffic violations in Sri Lanka. The system addresses key drawbacks of the current motor traffic fine enforcement procedure and aims to provide a viable solution by automating the current manual spot fine and fine payment process. It will be also directly linked to a Driver point system which will be implemented for 22 offenses under the Motor Traffic Act from the extraordinary gazette numbered 1726/12 dated 05.10.2011 on Driver Improvement Points System and the amended by the Sections 133 “a” and “b” of the Motor Traffic (Amendment) Act No. 18 of 2017. Once a driving license holder violates a traffic offense, the traffic policeman will have the ability to issue a spot fine through the system, view the status of the driving license (active or suspended), view the driving license holder's past traffic offense records, and received demerit points. In the Driver Point Management System, once an offense is recorded against a driving license holder the allocated demerit points for that offense are recorded. Each fine is connected to a point system. The system will also calculate the total fine amount to be paid (for more than one offense) and accumulated driving points for a particular driver. The System provides the driving license holder to pay the fine anytime through the online gateway instead of paying at the post office which only operates during a specified time and days. Also, the driving license holder can view the details of the fine issues and their accumulated driving points, past offense history, driving license status, and request a certificate of merit for not violating traffic offenses during the said period as a disciplined driver. Web-Based Fine and Point Management system is designed using the class diagram, sequence diagram, ER diagram and developed using MVC architecture, HTML5/Bootstrap, PHP 7.4, MySQL Database, XWAMP Server, and Laravel 8 Framework. The system is tested based on the black box test strategy with unit, integration, and system testing, cross-browser compatibility, and usability testing. Also, acceptance and evaluation of the system was carried out through questionnaires and a graphical representation of the responses is presented. As a result of the successful implementation, it not only reduces the cumbersome process of motor fine issue and driver fine payment process and also automatically increases the level efficiency of collecting motor traffic fines to the Department of Police (Traffic Division). Furthermore, due to the Driver Point management system linked with the automatic fine issue, it brings a systematic approach towards disciplining the driving license holders which will reduce the number of road accidents in Sri Lanka.en_US
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