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Title: web based Recruitments Management System
Authors: Madurachchi, S.D
Issue Date: 22-Oct-2013
Abstract: eBuilder Technology Center (EBTC) is one of the major software developing companies in Sri Lanka. It is the R&D center for its mother company eBuilder AB, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. EBTC is currently having 150 employees and still handling their recruitments by its HR department through a manual process. This project mainly implemented to automate their recruitments process through a web based Recruitments Management System. Enhance this up to a standalone product and publish to open source community would be another objective. The system basically covers the recruitments process from start to end. According to the current manual process, the HR department, senior engineers and the relevant department heads are engaging in the process. Hence, this system basically consists of 4 roles as Admin, HRManager, Lead and Director. Authorities for these roles were designed according to their corporation in current process. Ranking applications, adding notes against applications and scheduling interviews and store applications for future reference are some of the key features providing by the system Object Oriented Systems Engineering was used throughout the development life cycle. Requirements are analyzed, modularized and modeled with UML standard diagrams and shown to the client for the changes or suggestions before proceeding further. Java was used as the main programming language with other web development technologies such as J2EE, Struts, Tiles, JSP, CSS, HTML, XML, JQuery, AJAX and java script. MySQL server was used as the backend with Hibernate as the ORM technology where Oracle or SQL Server can also be configured with minimal changes.
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