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Title: Smart Media Player with Eye Blinking Control
Authors: Thajun Najaah, M.A.
Keywords: Media Player
Face Detection
Eye Detection
Web Camera
Image Processing
Open CV
Issue Date: 9-Aug-2021
Abstract: When we are playing a video on our Laptop or Mobile or PC and if someone calls us, we have to get away from the device or simply look away from it and sometimes we may sleep in the middle while watching a video and we have to drag back to see the video where we have left. As a solution to overcome this issue we can build a smart media player which can be able to play or pause the media stream while the human face is detecting in front of the screen and while the persons eyes are opening. It detects the Human face and Eyes and for the time it detecting an open eye/eyes video will be play else video will be pause automatically. The system runs continuously while monitoring whether a human eye open or not and the player starts to running as soon as it is detecting the eyes again and which keeps running as long as it is detecting the eyes without the interruption. This can be accomplished by using the web camera which is on the top of the computer. The player pauses as soon as the human eyes not completely seen. If there is no human face detected then the player will be stopped immediately. We are using Image Processing techniques and Open CV haar-cascade algorithms and haar- features for performing face and eye detection in real time. In addition to controlling media player by eye blinking the player offers all the basic features of a normal media player and it is generating a statistics report with performance analysis of the Smart Media Player. As per the performance analysis system has achieved ~6 frames per second and ~6 faces per second.
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