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dc.contributor.authorMaduwanthi, K.A.N.-
dc.description.abstractThe imbalance food intakes and unhealthy eating habits have contributed to the overweight and obesity conditions in human lives. Even for individuals at a healthy weight, a poor diet is related with most of the health risks that can originate for sickness and even death. Therefore, human death due to heart diseases and high blood pressure are increasing rapidly. The people can protect themselves from those health issues by following a proper diet plan. The dietician consultation is required to find a proper diet menu based on everyone’s health conditions. Finding free time for consulting a dietician is the next challenge in human busy lives. The appropriate diet application can assist people to go along with a proper diet plan. Currently, there are many mobile health applications associated with diet plans and tracking health status of people. The lack of simplicity and poor user experience can be considered as limitations in most of those existing applications. Therefore, the aim is to develop a simple mobile application to seek a proper diet menu based on a created diet plan, facilitate a way to regularly check the plan progress and develop a web-based data analytics dashboard based on application data. Once completed the system development, the system had been evaluated by selected potential users and analysed the results to find out benefits and limitations. The future enhancements are identified based on the system evaluation feedback and 78.6% of participants were agreeing that they would be able to reach the target weight goal using this application. Furthermore, the web-based data analytics dashboard has been verified by the experts and they have claimed that it will be a value addition for a dietician to make their daily job easy.en_US
dc.subjectDiet Planningen_US
dc.subjectDiet Appsen_US
dc.subjectMobile Applicationen_US
dc.subjectMobile Phoneen_US
dc.subjectMobile Technologyen_US
dc.subjectRule-based Approachen_US
dc.subjectData Analytics Dashboarden_US
dc.subjectHuman Healthen_US
dc.titleRule Based Diet Planning Mobile Applicationen_US
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