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Title: Leave Management System for Sri Lanka Teachers’ Service
Authors: Gonapinuwala, D.S.D.
Issue Date: 9-Aug-2021
Abstract: Sri Lanka Teachers’ service is a main important Government service in Sri Lanka, which is included the employee group that involve with the people of future in the country. Teachers’ role is doing valuable service for the whole country by intending the children to the correct path and making their lives success. So, keeping satisfaction and happy minded of teachers will be enhanced their service and it will be a good investment for the future. There are only manual procedures to handle leaves of teachers in now a day which is more time consuming with lots of paper works such kind of filling applications. It is taken more time to getting approval for some special leaves like study leaves and foreign leaves due to the approval process is included several kind of staff. So, this system is mainly designed for government school teachers as an effective solution to overcome their current leave affairs. As, this is provided the facility to teachers for applying their leaves through online without unnecessary documents, this will be increased the efficiency of teachers and the benefit affect to the school children who are the future of the country. Simple attractive user friendly interfaces are used when developing the system in order to use easily for anyone with lack of computer knowledge. Furthermore, the system is allowed to add school details and user registration details for the relevant authorized user. Also, leave balance, approval status of leaves are presented clearly and Principals, all other users can generate leave reports when it is needed. This is developed as web based system using PHP with bootstrap framework. Testing and data validation was carried out in different stages of implementation. After completing the project, user evaluation process was carried to get the feedback and more ideas for the improvements of projects. Most of teachers and Principals were satisfied with the system and suggested with several improvements.
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