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Title: Web Based Business Support System For Kuamarasinghe Distributors
Authors: Bandara, N.W.I.S.
Issue Date: 5-Aug-2021
Abstract: The Kumarasinghe Distribution is a well-established Distribution agency which is doing their business under PEPSI company in Gampola . The Agency is always looking forward to keep a better distributing network which they can be distribute their main beverages (Fanta,Pepsi,Mycola,etc) to entire gampola area with fast and satisfy the customer need. but they have not proper way to improve their distribution. So company has limited their business process. And also they have lack of managing their activities keeping track their payments are major problems. Business support web application is planned to aid in tasks as helping them to improve their day to day business activities such as Mange their Stock through the application, make fast and improve their billing process, Increase fast access of the information with less searching time, etc and also with the help of this web application, their staff can reach their all information anywhere and anytime . The system is developed Using the PHP,Jquery, HTML,(Hypertext markup language ), CSS (Cascding style Sheet) with based on code igniter framework which follows MVC architecture. As the current software engineering theories and based on the clients demand. the rational unified process (RUP) was selected as most suitable software development methodology. Business Support system for kumarasinghe distributing agency was tested in real working environment and successfully handed over to improve their company business process.
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