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Title: Access level control for shared content in Inter Planetary File System (IPFS)
Authors: De Alwis, R. A. H. A.
Issue Date: 5-Aug-2021
Abstract: Distributed data sharing protocols are now popular through the web users because of the benefits such as high availability, low bandwidth usage and high speed etc. However, these distributed protocols cannot guaranteed the confidentiality of the data, which shared in it. In other words, these distributed systems has not in-build access level control mechanisms. Currently these distributed systems are using several mechanisms for grant access levels in a data sharing systems. Most of them has centralized node or authority for grant the permissions. Because of the centralized party, these systems are deviate the distributed system properties. Some of the distributed data sharing systems like Acl-IPFS [1] uses the Ethereum blockchain [2] for grant permissions. This access control mechanism is depend on another party. IPFS (Inter Planetary File System) [3] is a pure distributed file sharing protocol, which originally designed for the permanent web approach. It access the shared content (data) by the hash of the data and apart from the above benefits, there is no node level data duplication in the IPFS network. IPFS system has in-build way for achieve integrity, availability and non-reputability of the data. Even IPFS has the distributed system effectively work as distributed file sharing protocol; it has not inbuilt access level control mechanism. Therefore, uses cannot share the sensitive data through the IPFS. In this research, there are comparative study about the available distributed data sharing protocols and currents researches. By the constructive research approach, it proposed a new system called E-IPFS (Extended Version of Inter Planetary File System). The proposed e-IPFS system use the cryptographic mechanism to achieve the confidentiality of the data. E-IPFS works on top of the IPFS protocol and the access control mechanism not depend on the any other system or third party. By the analysing research experimental results in the evaluation it concluded that proposed E-IPFS system can use to share the private data with confidentiality with cost of time for the additional process.
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