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Title: E-Commerce Web Site For Coconut Development Authority, Sri Lanka
Authors: Ranasinghe, R.M.I.S.
Keywords: E commerce
Digital Marketing
Coconut Industry
Issue Date: 4-Aug-2021
Abstract: Coconut is one of the key plantation crops that account for roughly 12% of all agricultural turnovers in Sri Lanka. The project titled as e-Commerce website for Coconut Development Authority (CDA), Ministry of Plantation Industries, presupposed to offer associate IT solution to enlarge the native market of coconut business up to a world scale during which the suppliers and therefore the customers might establish an on the spot selling approach wherever presently large profit of merchandising these products for the international consumers is gain by intermediaries. The major objective is to establish a platform within the means that of e commerce website where the coconut and coconut primarily based product sellers and buyers will meet directly and perform businesses whereas enriching awareness concerning the value added coconut products through digital promoting ways to maximize the revenue. The system is deployed as an e commerce website and follows the client — server architecture. User interfaces run on the client side in the two- tier client- server architecture and also the database is stored on the server. The software solution implemented based on the MVC design pattern by considering CDA’s own requirements and featured with further functionalities like social media marketing. The system development stage started with system designing using ER diagram, Use case diagram and system architecture then it implemented on PHP Storm IDE using Scripting Language of PHP, JavaScript and HTML, CSS and Bootstrap and used Laravel as the framework. phpMYAdmin on XAMPP server as the database creation and used MySQL languages. The system tested to confirm accuracy and reliability and to test whether it meets its desired objectives. The system finally meets its requirements at a higher level.
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