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Authors: Perera, K.M.P.B.N.
Issue Date: 4-Aug-2021
Abstract: University of Vocational Technology is an Institute of Higher Education & Research that awards academic degrees in various academic disciplines. So, the internal structure of the university should well establish to produce effective & efficient persons to society. The university is consisting of full time and part-time batches and there are five semesters, thirteen-degree courses and having more than thousands of students. That count is smallest when compared with the other state universities. But that rate is a considerable amount to the emerging university. Presently, when allocating a lecture hall, lecturers cannot see the current allocations and lecture schedules may crash with other lectures. Because of the above problems and increasing the student and staff population of the university, the lecture room scheduling, timetabling and distributing lecture notes are problematic things to the university. Therefore, to solve this complicated situation, I propose to develop an automated system. It is consisting of student enrolment, lecture hall scheduling, and virtual learning environment. By using this proposed system lecturers can reserve the lecture hall by their preference and students may get an email notification with the venue and the time of the lecture each day. Lecturers can log in to the system and view the dashboard calendar and check whether the existing bookings. Then they can reserve the lecture hall or laboratory according to their preference. Also, lecturers can change the schedules and generate email notification for students and other stakeholders. This system was used MVC architecture for developments and it makes the development context simpler and strong, the system has been built on top of the Model View Controller framework. Using MVC architecture, the system can be structured to support the reuse of program code, which is an important feature of Object orient development. Furthermore, I used PHP, HTML5, CSS and JavaScript and JQuery as development technologies. Finally, the proposed system will be combined Lecture hall scheduling, Timetabling, Student Feedback, Virtual Learning Environment and provide a productive system for the university.
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